408 brushless Hinterrad Motor


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Motor  specially designed for VTT bikes, because the motor is giving very good assistance to ride on a track other then an ordinary road.

This motor building into your bike is very easy, because it is specially developed for bikes, the size of the motor fits perfectly into the rear fork of your bike.

You can choose rim seizes from 20 inch to 28 inch gives you the possibility to mount the motor into any kind op human powered vehicle

Due to the fact that this motor is a direct drive, which has no gear or other moving parts inside, the motor is silent and there are no wearing parts.

Drop out: 135 mm

Weight: 6.50 kg

Motor function on tensions of 24 Volt to 72 Volt

Power-torque: (measured with a 20A controller)

24 V: 200 Watt -33 Nm

36 V: 400 Watt -40 Nm

48 V: 625 Watt -46 Nm

72 V:1050 Watt -56 Nm

Maximum speed table:

24 V 

36 V 

48 V 

72 V 

20" rim 

16 km/h 

26 km/h 

35 km/h 

53 km/h

24" rim 

18 km/h 

31 km/h 

40 km/h 

64 km/h 

26" rim 

21 km/h 

33 km/h 

44 km/h 

70 km/h

28" rim 

22 km/h 

35 km/h 

47 km/h 

74 km/h 

If motor been used with 24volt battery pack the motor stays within the limits of the European legislation for use on the public roads

Motor can be powered with following controllers:

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